How can I stop leading him on and remain his friend?

I'm worried because I was drunk at a party and I ended up sleeping next to a guy that I don't know very well. We were both flirting and we ended up cuddling. I was in my underwear and he didn't have pants on either. He was feeling all around but nothing serious happened (not even kissing). I like him but more as a friend and I am really into someone else. Now I'm texting him and he seems really eager. I want to remain his friend and I don't want him to be mad or disappointed.


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  • Just be straight up. You gotta tell him right away like "I'm sorry if I may have gave you the wrong idea yesterday, but I just consider you a friend and I want to remain friends." The faster you tell him, is the better. The longer you lead him on, the more his feelings will get hurt.

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