How do I deal with a hot friend?

My best friend is very pretty and has double d's. Whenever we are around guys, it's all they notice and all they talk about. It seems like every guy we meet is into her and not me. I've even had guys who I thought liked me turn out they were only talking to me to get advice on her. I don't think I'm ugly or unattractive, she's just very attractive. How do I get guys to stop talking about her boobs all the time?


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  • Ah the hot friend problem, it's troubled girls for years. Honestly it sucks but look at the bright side, any guy you end up with is because of your personality and not just your looks. Honestly, boobs catch the attention but if your with her and display confidence and are yourself with a great personality it doesn't matter how hot your friend is unless they're just looking for a lay and you don't want them anyways Just wait you'll get lots of guys give it time