How to put together without?

Looking as though I tried too hard?

How to LOOK put together* sorry about that lol 😐


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  • "put together". . . put what together?

    • Lol in other words how do I look good without looking like I try to hard.

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    • Like showing to much skin? What about clothes that are a little on the smart side when everyone else is wear casual clothes, would you think she's trying to hard?

    • It doesn't have to be showing too much skin. For instance, wearing something way too formal (like a gown, just because it looks nice on you), for something so simple.

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  • I think that has eluded a lot of people - The "Just Out Of Bed" Look that takes ages to create - I really think if you keep everything clean and fresh you can maintain a seemingly casual look without taking away from the effect you are trying to create - Keep an eye on fashion sites or celeb spotting sites and see how they are doing it, that will probably give some hints on what styles they wear on their days off.


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