I'm considering buying a pair, but I feel like they would look funny with jeans because it's such a similar color. Can someone that owns a pair give me some details about them, or even send me a picture with them on? Thanks


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  • why can't people realize that Uggs are UGGLY; no matter what color they are, they still make you look like you have giant hockey stick feet.

    • They are comfortable and keep my feet warm. that's all I need from my boots

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    • Because not everyone cares about what everyone else thinks...

      I wear them because they are ridiculously warm for the winter and beyond comfortable, not because I think they look cool.

    • If you don't care about what other people think, then why the hell are you asking this question?!

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  • I think they are a really ugly color

  • The look so beautiful. I weared them ones. Very cool boots.

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