21st Birthday-Party Dress?

Hey, I'm turning 21 in a few weeks and like 20 of my friends and I are going out to dinner and then everyone who is 21 is all going to a club/bar for my birthday--we may go to one or 2 clubs. I'm looking for a party dress-has to be short, strapless (preferably), and either black or purple. I'm about 5'6" and I have tan skin/olive skin, brown hair, and I have super long legs. I want something sexy-but I don't wanna look like a whore/slut, and my parents are gonna see me in it.lol.also, find some heels please. I want to keep this outfit under $60 all together. oh, one more thing...nothing too short-i don't want my a$$ hanging out. thanks! :)


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  • first happy early bday

    second I don't know what you exactly look like but try something bold

    link I like this one shoulder because its elegant and yet super sexy and gonna hug ur curves at the right places

    but strapless like that link also keeps it basic and simple yet sexy

    or you can go bad ass like that dress link

    i like that one too link

    and for the heels link I like the cage look, or you can stick with basic black pumps link and I like this one as well link

    btw they are all in budget and they ship for free for over 50 bucks and I'm sure you won't top the 60 bucks

    hope that helps


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  • good luck I'm turning 21 in a couple weeks too. I'm sure you'll look good in whatever you go with


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  • Classic, elegant and affordable! I thought this was a nice option?


    Cute, peep toe shoes:


    You could glam it up with some sparkling accesories ect but seriously if you don't find something perfect, it's your 21st, your special.. you'll look beautiful no matter what :)

    Good luck!

  • Wet Seal has some great party dresses for cheaper prices. You could wear something like this link and dress it up or down. Also, don't forget to check places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's that carry designer dresses for low prices! You could definitely go to one of those stores and get a dress and shoes for under $60.

    • Hey.

      i don't really know your style, but this dress is really form fitting and nice!



      If I were you I would go to forever 21 or costa blanca or urban behaviour, those kind of stores.

      good luck! have fun!!!