Girls, what do you think about the following hairstyles?

I'm thinking about growing my hair out. I'm either going to grow it medium long (like the first 2 pics) or extra long (like the second 2 pics), but as of right now i can't decide. I think medium long is the way to go if i wanna just leave it alone. But if i grow it extra long i can do things like ponytails, braids, and buns. But keep in mind that I'm going to grow a thick stubble along with my hair to keep myself from looking too feminine.

So i tried to find guys with hair types similar to my own. Also bear in mind that i am blonde, unlike these guys, so whatever you choose it has to look good on a blonde guy too :P


Girls, what do you think about the following hairstyles?




So do you ladies like any of these? If so, which length do you like better? (Vote in poll or comment)

PS: try not to let the looks of these guys bias your opinion. Try to focus on the hairstyle only, ok?

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  • Extra long
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  • I post pictures of the 3rd guy on here all the time! His hair is very similar to my boyfriend's (about the same length, same colour, same kind of waviness) and I think that it's lovely. It doesn't suit all guys, but I think it's great. I would recommend just going for medium long at first and if you think you look good with it, grow it out :)

    • Yep, that was my original plan. I just wanted to hear what others think of the hairstyles.

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  • First 2 pics gorge😍
    The others depends on the guy

    • Yeah, I'm not as skinny and feminine looking as the other guys. I'm in good shape, but i have a much bigger and more solid build. And i also don't look nearly as feminine or "pretty" so I'm not sure if it would suit me or not, but it might--who knows.

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    • Ok, I'll do that. Thanks for the help.

    • You re wlc ^^

  • The long hair is so hot😍
    Although the medium length is good as well