Am I ugly?

I have always wondered this but I don't know who to ask or what to do, of course my parents or friends would say I'm pretty but I really don't think I am, I have this really weird brown curly hair that I hate and can't do anything with and by that I mean I can never wear it down and have to put a lot of gel in it, I don't have glasses or braces but I still feel ugly, sometimes I feel good but then I see these other girls and think wow I am ugly, I'm thin and tan and I have a great body, but kinda short torso and yeah I'm short, but its just I don't look interesting or I guess hot which is what guys want, all these older people tell me the whole crap about guys being intimidated by me but I know that's not true, I've never had a guy ask me out and I'm in high school! What do I do?! (preferred guy answers)


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  • We need a pic.

    • Im the brunette, not the blonde.

  • No, not at all ur actually pretty cute!

  • post a pic

    • Yeah that's the problem, I don't want anyone to know who I am....i like internet saftey lol

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  • don't depreciate yourself.

    i thought I was ugly in highschool but I was not.

    sometimes, beauty is so subjective. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    i'm thin, slightly pale. but I get a lot of compliments about how I look.

    you just have to find your style/ niche.

    style your hair different or do something with your wardrobe.

    i bet you look fine. you just worry like I do. and that's normal.

    i'm sorry that I'm a girl answering your question but that's how I feel about it because I've been there before and also limiting the answerers to just guys isn't going to give you more suggestions or answers to your query

  • we can't see your picture. from what you put, you're not ugly your problem is that you feel ugly. when you feel ugly, you don't project attractiveness to other people. its a vicious cycle. become more confident, love yourself and accept how you look. put effort like doing your hair on a special day and make yourself feel good that should help you out