Will he come home?

so we got into a fight i told him to leave really did not want him 2 just hurting inside. so he called today and said can he get hes clothes i said yes he never came i love him so much now its killing me i think he went back to hes baby's mother haven't ate or slept in 2 days.


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  • you need to eat and sleep. take care of yourself first.

    we don't know the details of what's going on here but is he the type to go back and forth between you and this other woman?

    I would just lay it low and practice no contact for now until you calm down and he perhaps misses you.

    but it's always best to be with a guy who doesn't have any attachments to other women. and especially someone who will respect you


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  • Hurting inside because you love him so much really sucks. He is more than likely ignoring you and very well maybe were you fear. Which means you don't trust him. You need to find someone that you can rely and trust hun. I would recommend moving on instead of trying to patch things up.


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  • Why do you think he went back with his childs' mom? has he done this before? and if he has he is NO GOOD, men shouldn't play one woman with the other. Secondly if you are not sure don't play guessing games, don't let your imagination run wild, when someone leaves it is easy to think bad things. The fact that he didn't come for his clothes means he wants to stay and he wanted to hear you say that. However don't take him back or apologize based on the fear that someone else will take him, I've found that usually if someone has too many options they aren't worth the trouble, and always remember no matter what the problem is eat even if you have to force to eat and try to get some rest.