Girls, If a man had your body for a day what would he find out about women's clothing?

Women's clothing seems very tight and restrictive. The lingerie looks like it would be a nightmare especially a bra.. if you had to go shopping and wear women's clothing for a day what would he find out if you were in your shoes?



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  • that it is bloody hard to find something to suit all body types.

    • Everything is off the rack for us! I suppose I can see why shopping can be frustrating and bring a girl to tears. Or fining a perfect pair of shoes only to find they don't have your size! I think you would love wearing a suit... they are actually comfy!

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    • i inform u that u would be horrible πŸ˜‚

    • I would l look like a hoochie momma... I would probably dress racy and try to break your ankles on some heels! It would be like a vacation for you!

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  • Without a shadow of a doubt, he would instantly realise just how difficult it is being a woman on a clothes shopping mission.

    • As a guy it takes no time at all... I wonder if I would start to worry about every detail and start to get all fussy? ;) I know I would end up in a lingerie store too! You might need to loan me that body more than a day lol

  • I think you'd like wearing girls clothing, especially undies. Most are a lot silkier and you'd probably enjoy that. High heels might be a game changer for you, though.

    • Silky against soft skin... okay that sounds hot... imagine how comfy boxer are... plenty of room to get turned on in there... would you freak out?

    • Freak out? Not me! If you're looking for more room, then maybe you could try a pair of "granny" panties. You could get them in nylon which would be silky, but they're cot more like a mans brief, so you'd get that extra room to grow!

    • I meat if your a guy as far as "growing" if you were in a man's shoes lol... but material wise your clothes are so much softer and sexier!

  • If you mean that he would have my clothes too, the only thing he would learn is that I'm a nerd, love graphic t-shirts, love jackets, I either wear denim jeans or denim shorts, and that I never wear anything uncomfortable (including dresses and skirts)

    • I would say you'd love being a dude then! I might buy you some girly gear just to try it... is that cool? ;)

    • Sometimes if I see a geeky shirt I really like, and they only have it in men's, I just get a small and it looks great!

    • Girls are so lucky like that... but there are so many guy pluses... just in man-scaping versus make up waxing etc... I have no clue how you do it! ;)

  • An ill-fitted bra would indeed be a nightmare, but a great one gives you support and makes you feel protected. Strings are surprisingly much less uncomfortable than they seem, too.

    • Just imagine a day with no bras or a trip to the beach with no bikini... no waxing or shaving for a while lol... I think being sexy might be a ton of work but could be fun! :)

    • Actually, when you know what and who you do all these things for, it becomes peculiarly pleasurable. Women are visual too, and it is very important for most of us to enjoy ourselves.

  • He would not want the shoulder and neck pain from a bra holding up you boobs all day. Also, if you tighten it you or at least I get headaches. Want to try it? πŸ˜€

    • For a day I would just to show some empathy... Also just to know eat it's like. Are you gifted when it comes to boob size or do all women struggle with bras?

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    • Promise? NOT

    • Anytime :)