How can I dress to disguise my flabby stomach?

I've gained a lot of weight over the last year and a half. I have actively started to work on it, going to the gym and eating right, but I've got a long ways to go. Meanwhile, I have a date to go on, and I'm just not as self confident with what I wear anymore because everything I seem to put on shows my flabby stomach. Empire waist tops/dresses make it look like I'm 3 months pregnant and sheath style dresses show off all my flab. They just don't work. Can you suggest some photos of tops or dresses or outfits to help disguise my stomach?


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  • It's kinda hard to say without knowing how your body looks like, but peplum tops are generally very good for that. It's fitted up top, so that you don't have to carry much extra fabric which often makes you look heavier that you really are, but flares out the bottom, giving you a nice silhouette and at the same time room for your stomach:

    Just make sure it sits right on the smallest part of your waist and is of a structured material to really get that hourglass look, unlike these:

    • I've been trying to find one that starts a bit higher up on my waist, but the ones that are lower then my waist line only emphasize my problem. I'm keeping my eye out for one, but I haven't found it yet and I'm running out of time in the process. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    • that sounds doable

    • Ok, good luck.

  • Oh Fuck Sister! You look nice regardless ! I have a noticeable muffin top and I don't think you can hide that! Just I don't give shit attitude! Never let him know you are insecure !!!

    • If you do... he is not gonna think your shit is hot shit! But if you want to feel good than wear a pleasant type blouse with detail... buy it from free people and some nice legging ang jegging from American eagle with a nice northface and boots ot flats.

    • I like to put a lot of blush... and maybe bright red lips or black or nude. Nude is your best bet... get some help from sephora ladies!!!

    Have you tried a style like this?
    I'm not sure, but I think it can hide your flabby stomach.

    • Unfortunately. I just looked like a big old flag waving in the wind. Those type tops you'd think since they are so free flowing would work well, but they just add more volume where more volume isn't needed. Ironically they look really good on thin people, not so much on big stomachs. thanks for the suggestion, though.

  • Try a cowl neck sweater dress with a thick knit, you can put on a wrap over top and look elegant but still hide some parts. Pair it with leggings, or better yet, leather leggings! You will look hot :)

  • CARDIGANS! Wear the clothes that fit you good big buy a bigger size cardiage that looks like you're supposed to be big especially since the big sweaters are must have in fall