Least desirable traits in a guy?

I'm looking to make some changes in my life and I'm wondering what I should focus on kicking first.

  • Laziness
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  • Boring
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  • Fat
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  • Poor
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  • Jealous
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You didn't tell us anything about yourself so here's some general information as I see it:

    1. Don't through your insecurities into your relationships...

    2. Jealousy will destroy a relationship very quickly...

    3. Cheating...Way bad

    4. Showing off isn't attractive. Be yourself for better or worse.

    5. Read a book and learn how to be a gentleman...The world had to few

    6. Read a book and learn how to treat a lady...Yep I'm into reading. Great info. out there for the


    7. Always be sincere...There are times we all need to fudge a bit "No your butt looks great in

    those pants or that shirt makes your biceps look huge!" :-) Be as sincere as you can

    be...We can tell very quickly when you're not.

    8. Don't try and boss me around. No one wears "the pants" anymore...Look at each

    relationship as a team sport so to speak...

    9. Don't speak down to me...

    10. Look me in the eye when you speak.

    11. It's best never to assume you know what I'm thinking. Ask me.

    12. Be creative...You'll have better relationships and a better life if you're creative and look for

    new and wonderful ways to enjoy each other and waking up each day.

    I think these are considerations that should be shown to all. And there's more!... Cheers!


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What Girls Said 9

  • i despise boring guys.. I mean laying around watching movies or sitting at home making a meal together is great but not EVERY single time you are together. spice things up go get a smoothie or icecream and go to the river for the day or go camping. My boyfriend has not creativity with that and it sucks .. I can't deal anymore

  • Getting rid of the laziness leads to success in all other things. Once you have initiative, the rest will be much easier to take care of.

  • it's the most annoying when a guy gets jealous so easily. that means it's gonna be hard for me to meet friends, which is not what I want!

  • The thing I get a lot is cockiness! I love a confident guy but a cocky guy gets to be annyoyin. It's cute when a guy has a shy side sometimess.

  • its got to be boring laziness and fat but fat is at eh top for me I don't like a a guy who is fat its the most unattractive thing about him

  • For me the guy would have to be interesting so I would be able to have a decent conversation with him i.e. have his own interests and ambitions, I also wouldn't go for a smoker but that's me not every girl out there xx

  • I don't like when guys are really jealous, and I don't like when they are rude and very cocky.

  • Being boring or being insecure.

  • laziness


What Guys Said 2

  • Laziness. If you stop being lazy then you won't be so boring, you'll have more money from working, you'll lose weight from activity and possibly be too busy to be jealous.. maybe not... but the other stuff seems about right.

  • Jealous !