Girls, why do some girls intentionally dress in clothes that are identified by the designer as sexy, yet get upset when someone acknowledges this?

I always hear that girls don't like to be sexually objectified and get pissed when someone is distracted by a fashion style that has been designed specifically to communicate sex. I don't mean "cat calls." I mean looking or getting a double glance. I grew up with many of these girls... who NOW would NEVER let their own daughters dress that way! What's that about?


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  • Clothing does not communicate sex.

    • Then, why would a designer identify the clothes they designed as being "sexy"? What is being communicated then? Strippers don't dress up like nuns when they perform to make money...

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    • Now you're talking about sexual assault. I'm talking about the disconnect here. Would you not notice or possibly be offended if your fellow male students or co-workers started wearing pants the were designed to specifically accentuate their jock and show a clear outline of their genitals? Seriously?

    • Only because it would make me vomit.

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