What do guys like about a girl's eyes?

I've noticed that when a girl asks a guy about physical appearance, eyes almost always comes up. Or even in a chat up line 'you have beautiful eyes'

but I'm confused, do y'all mean the eye color?

The shape?

Whether you have eye bags?



Thanks :)


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  • well the shape of them of course, I love big eyes that you can just notice right away. the color makes no difference to me because I have seen girls with piercing blue eyes and girls with really dark brown eyes and both girls had gorgeous eyes. they don't even have to be a certain color they just have to be friendly because than its so easy to just stare into them for hours. makeup can compliment girls eyes, make the white of the eyes stand out more if you do it right. I knew a girl whos eyes were deep brown but had huge bags under her eyes but still she had gorgeous eyes regardless. its tough sometimes though because this beautiful girl in my class last week turned to ask me a question about the homework and I looked her in her eyes and they were so beautiful and I answered her and looked away quickly. its tough looking into a girls eyes especially if she's so beautiful and has beautiful eyes, gotta work on that.


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  • Because women don't being like told

    "your t*ts are great!"

    "nice ass!"

    "I want to f*** you so f***ing goddamn hard. Fucking hell."

    • Lol, yeah I get that.

      But what it is about the eyes that you like, you think someone has nice t*ts if there big, and a nice ass if it's like apple shaped. But what about the eyes make them nice ?

  • Im guilt of doing this and I will say that a girls eyes does attract me right off the bat especially when she keeps eye contact...lots can be told from a simple look into a persons eyes :)

  • color and the makeup around them to make the eyes pop even more

    esp if they are natural color


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