**FASHION HELP NEEDED** Stores with sizes that run small?

It's so frustrating, I'm like a tweenie in the clothing department. I'm quite a small girl, skinny with barely any boobs. It's so hard to find clothes that I like that actually FIT ME. I love the styles of the junior sizes, but sadly, I barely fit into a child's 14. I can also fit into xs and xxs, and depending on the shirt sometimes a small. As for pants, a 00 is about all that fits in juniors. (I'm a 12 in kids) It just sucks cause I'm in 9th grade and everyone has amazing style and then there's just me wearing kids clothes looking like crap. I fit into some Aeropostale clothes, but are there any other stores that run small in sizes?


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  • maybe be your petite! Just buy clothes at justice!

    • Haha the sad thing is I do!! I love Justice! lol I just get embarrassed that I'm like the only person who still shops there...

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    • No you should not!

    • lol! just love it.

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  • Try... The Justice clothing store. Hollister..

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