Why is he avoiding eye contact now?

A guy (I don't know) has been making eye contact with me for awhile now (a few months) and I make it back. Recently I saw him a few times and it looks like he was avoiding my eye contact. One time he avoided it, his head was turned in my direction when I was passing him but he did not look up. I'm confused about all of this.

I thought he might have been interested and I was going to reciprocate interest by smiling back but since he's not directly looking at me I can't do that.

What does the avoiding mean? Any advice? Thanks :)


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  • "...when I was passing him but he did not look up"

    - This indicates that before you passed him, his head was already "hung low" meaning that he has a lack in confidence issue which is expressed in his nonverbal communication.

    There are several plausible reasons for this:

    - he is taken

    - he thinks you are taken

    - he isn't confident in himself or his abilities to attract women

    - he was thinking about things which were on his mind (work / school / grades)


    "...(you were) going to reciprocate interest by smiling back"

    - Approach him and say something modest and honest--> "hello my name is ashlea. when you were passing me the other day, you caught my eye. I'd like to go grab lunch with you because I find you interesting. Would you like that the same as me?"

    Best regards,


    • Haha the funny thing is he seems like a pretty confident guy and I guess his head wasn't down, he was just looking down (not with his head hung low) but he had a very serious expression.

      he may think I'm taken since he saw me talking in a friendly way to another guy, and he looked over quite a bit. also he saw me with my bro once, and looked over. Would a guy who wasn't interested do this?

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    • ^_^ My pleasure, and "no" your not mistaken lol

    • Haha I hope not :)

  • He likes you he just is shy. I do the same thing to this girl at my school.

  • lol ido the same exact thing as tht guy and he's just shy there's a chance he likes you why not try talking to him...btw is your name giselle?

    • Oh weird, it seems like a lot of guys do this. nooo it's not

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