Bright eyes?!

if you saw a pretty girl with like bright eyes like say a BRIGHT yellow that turns green, would that add to her hotness?

if she gets checked out allot more in strong sunlight because her eyes then become that color could you then assume that her very bright, almost cat eye color adds to her attractiveness?


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  • Yeah, "because of her eyes." Right.

    • So you don't care about faces at all, just bodies?

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    • Lol, but you implied that eyes don't matter in ur answer, doesn't that (eyes) add to the hottness of a face?

    • I subscribe to the scale of -1,0,1.

      -1 wouldn't f*** even while drunk

      0 would f*** while drunk

      1 would f*** sober

      Eyes aren't going to change someone's rank.

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  • I think that's really hot. If you got that going for


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  • I have those kind of eyes...gets kind of annoying with all of the attention to be completely honest. Its annoying because people give me creepy looks and I'm thinking to myself "stop staring please..."

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