Men, a woman's fashion style is a deal breaker/cause of attraction for you? Women, did someone date you/ broke up with you because of your style?

Men, would you decide not to date or break up with a woman whose sense of style you don't approve of? Perhaps you thought she 'd change her style for you, or she changed her previous style, or you just decided you won't put up with it anymore?

Would you approach a woman whose sense of style you approve of? Perhaps because it's sexy, pretty, unique, similar to yours, etc?

Women did that ever happen to you? Having someone decide to date you because of your fashion style? Or break up with you because of it?



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  • Never. Back in high school I dressed like a homeless guy and it was never a deal breaker in my relationships. I can't answer what it's like now because I haven't had a girlfriend for a while, but I noticed women tend to overlook it if you are tall, good-looking, or can make her laugh. I went on a date with this one girl in college who kept reminding me that my pants didn't go well my shoes. Needless to say we never went on a second date.


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  • No one would ever break up with me because of my fashion style, cause it's da bomb. xD Seriously, I'd like to think that my fashion sense is awesome and a big part of who I am, so if the guy doesn't approve of it, he's not my type anyways, and it's probably for the best. I wouldn't surprised if it increased someone's attraction towards me, we all know that it can make or break the person. It's very relevant.


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  • I've had guys compliment it but never threaten to break up with me over it.