Should I stop perming my naturally curly hair?

Up until a few days ago I was in love with the look of long, straight hair. Now Im just tired of relaxing (perming) my naturally curly hair, or occasionally wearing weave in my hair. I just want to try something new, and I am. I even cut my hair which was a little past my shoulders. Now it's around the level of my chin. The thing is, Im nervous about what people will think about this new style. I asked my mother for advice and she said "Go for it. Do what makes you happy." (Leave it to mom to always support you no matter what :) ) Going the natural way with my hair does make me happy now but I still feel some pressure to have straight hair. So, should I keep perming my hair?

And yes, I know I should be different and independent but that's not always easy to do.

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  • go for it! i cut my hair super short, i did an under cut- which is basically shaved down- just a few centimeters at the sides, and a few inches long on the top, and it's the best decision i ever made! i decided on that 2 years ago more or less, and have pretty much kept it that way. i usually let it grow out in the winter to keep my head warm.

  • Most girls I see keep it natural anyway