OMG!!! need advice - Is it worth it to change your appearance in the hopes that you'll be more attractive?

Changing from a look that you're comfortable with (at least most of the time) to something perceieved to be more desirable but isn't certain...

OMG!!! need advice - Is it worth it to change your appearance in the hopes that you'll be more attractive?

  • If what you are doing isn't working I guess it's worth a shot...
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  • No, what if there's someone that will love you for you - as you are & not what you think you need to be.
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  • Sell out to the current trendy looks and become a slave to them like everyone else, forced to change every few years, months and/or seasons.
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  • Depends on the look, and how you currently look...
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  • Yes, if you think it's better it probably is (get the opinion from friends and family as well)
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  • I don't know, stop thinking about it & caring about, someone will want to fuck you when they want to fuck - there are better things to be focusing on than this superficial BS that society forces on people.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A change is always fun but there are a few things to take into account.
    1. Are you doing this to make yourself happy?
    2. Is it something you REALLY want to do?
    3. If you are not happy with the way you look and you're insecure (not necessarily saying you are) changing the way you look won't always help and the feeling will follow
    4. Basically only change the way you look if it's for you and only you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • i believe everyone has the potential to be drop dead gorgeous/handsome... trick is finding the combination of aesthetics which support each other in unison and most importantly, benefits your hard features.

    you can't ever go wrong w/ getting in shape (and staying fit). healthy people are attractive people.

    • This 101%... The only problem is it's hard to view ourselves objectively - that's why it's so much easier to give someone else advice rather than take your own.

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    • Yeah sorry I'm not some hot girl haha (even though the question is pretty girly & I was partly mocking how some girls post)... anyway, what you said is the general consensus I've come to see/realize - that most girls want a guy with a conventional/typical look (in this case short hair & somewhat clean cut) just like how most guys want a girl with conventional/typical look... but "most" doesn't mean everyone.

      Also I'll take that "baby-face" comment as a compliment that might also explain why the only girls that are interested in me (usually) are way younger than me which really isn't a problem, and that Jorge Lorenzo guy does have some similarities to me.

      I'm not completely ready to retire my current look (I'm also undecided on some hairstyles) I'll give it another month or so BUT when/if I do I can't see myself going back to clean-cut, maybe medium/short hair but I definitely won't go shorter than long/medium stubble for my face - for a number of reasons.


    • no problem... i'd say the look you're aiming for would be a current Peter Sagan..

      good luck to you my friend.

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What Girls Said 2

  • D - it all depends.
    Never change to something you're not ad least initially somewhat comfortable with.

  • If you don't feel good in the way you look or if you just want to try new things or if you want to fund what suits you more, it's not a bad thing to change up you sense of style/appearance. It's not a good idea to do it to be liked by others


What Guys Said 3

  • I get told often that I'd look better if I cut my hair, but I don't because I enjoy having it long and don't concern myself with what others think. Do what makes you happy.

  • I'm assuming you're referring to the type of clothes you wear? If so, then it doesn't really matter. As long as you don't constantly dress like you're stuck in middle school, you're good.

    • Hair styles & everything revolving around someones appearance... I was aiming at the whole picture.

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    • I have my own style that's for sure... it's weird I'll get a lot attention from women for a period of time then there will be a dead state.

      My biggest problem is my long hair and maintaining/trying to make it look half decent - I've always felt more comfortable with chin/shoulder length hair but I feel I'd be better off with something different because of my face, hair type & hair line.

    • When I say "a lot" I mean some/any... though I'm not as invisible to the opposite sex as I use to be.

  • I think if you're comfortable with how you look then that's how you should stay.

    • I have mixed feeling about my appearance...