Girls, if you live with your parents do they have rules about wearing or not wearing a bra at home?

I am 18. high school senior. i have a dad, younger brother, my mom says I have to wear a bra all hours of the day at home, unless I'm sleeping at night or taking a shower. Do other people's parents have these kind of rules? I'd like to just wear a tank top without a bra, if I'm in my bedroom, but that is against my mom's rules.

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  • No, never have had those kinds of rules.
    Only for outside.


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  • NOPE i live at home with my family and i NEVER wear any bra at home

  • No they don't have those rules, but I generally wear some kind of support until I'm going to bed anyways. It might not be a fully padded or wired bra, it enough to make it so my boobs aren't jigglin all over the place.

  • No I can do whatever I want she just afriad of sexual things like boobs.

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