How to wear a halter dress in a disco club in fall or winter?

I have a red halter dress similar to the above and I want to wear it in a disco club in Saturday. Is it weird to wear it since it's fall? By the way, during the day the temperature reaches 20 celcius and in the night it's around 12. Shall I wear it with sheer nude tights or sheer opaque tights, with high heels or boots?
How to wear a halter dress in a disco club in fall or winter?

any ideas?


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  • I prefer sheer opaque tights. Heels could work unless it would the ground would be icy. You are going to a club so you would be spending most of the time in the club and in a car to and back so it should be fine to wear.


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  • I'd say go for the sheer opaque tights and a pair of cute black pumps.

    • I' m concerned it looks inappropriate for fall, too summer-y

    • It's a summer dress but you'll get hot dancing and hanging out in the club I'd just make sure to bring a jacket for when you leave.

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  • 12-20 celcius is not even cold... you don't need tights. Wear high heels, boots wouldn't look good with a dress like that.