Break up? What to do now?

So just broke up with my BF.. I think. So do I stay in bed and sleep off this awful feeling? Cause that's all I really feel like doing :( What did you do after your breakups to feel better?


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  • When I broke up with my bf, I did some different things:

    1) Stayed in bed, cried my eyes out until I fell asleep.

    2) Retail therapy- went shopping with my Mom or friends. This was a big help.

    3) Wrote him a good bye letter and said everything I wanted to say. Then, I put it a trashcan and burned it as a sign of "burning" away my pain, sorrow and anguish and starting anew.

    4) Throw myself into work so I cannot think about anything else.

    5) Hanging out with friends and family.

    I hope you feel better! Be well.

    • Thank you :( I'm still on step one..

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  • I have previously given in to my urges to crawl into my bed and cry my eyes out but it doesn't really help. When you feel bad, you should do something that makes you feel good :)

    • Shopping? I think the amount of shopping I would need to do right now would be dangerous LOL.

    • I buy shoes when I'm sad. It's only a short term solution but it sure feels good :)

    • Thanks :)

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