Do guys like curly hair?

do guys like curly hair? my hair is kinda fizzy and I can't wear it down, is that unattractive? what do guys like girls to do with their hair? any suggestions from what you see of my pic? I'm the brunette in the black jacket NOT the blond


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  • there no specific thing I can think of that's hot. Every girl looks hot with different styles, some girls look amazing with short hair , other long amazing with long, same with straight or curly, it all depends on the girls. If a guy finds you attractive its because he likes you as a package not because he likes a single feature about you. Like everything else your hair needs to suit you.

  • not really

    wavy is ok

    but I prefer straight

    I really dislike the crinkly hair

    • Ummm thanx....?

    • Lol I didn't mean it like that

      i was just giving you my opinion

      sorry if I sounded like a douchbag

    • Haha yeah kinnda, my hair isn't crinkly more like super curly

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