Is it weird to wear a black turtleneck every day?

I love the look, and I always pair it with something different, like a wrap, or a cardigan, or sweater dress etc, so it always looks different, just the black turtleneck is always there?


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  • The fact you wear your black turtleneck often, means it's a good basic for you, and we all get obsessed with a look from time to time. Though, even if something looks very cool, you shouldn't wear it every single day. You can wear other black clothes, or turtlenecks in a different colours, or just change it up a bit

    • well it's always paired with a wide variety of layers of many colors, so it looks different every day, just that's my base go-to item :)

    • I get what you mean, but if you wear it every day people are going to notice

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  • well if that's ur staple piece then you do you girl!

    i think another good idea, just to mix it up, is to get maybe a grey and white one just to create a lot more diversity for outfit ideas.

  • no not really! U would look cool!

  • You should wash it...

    • I have different ones lol... I have quite the collection actually haha

  • you should switch it up maybe a black t-shirts and some sweaters that aren't turtlenecks

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