On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate me?

yes this question is not original but I just want to know.

well 1 is like the most gross person you know and 10 is like the guy of your dreams... you know capt. awesome. :P


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  • Okay, I'm not just going to rate you ... I'm going to try to figure you out just by looking at your one picture :)

    Okay so...average or smart in school? sweet? really caring? you've had at least 5 + girlfriends?

    and your age...18 or 19?

    haha that was fun :)

    now for your rating...9/10 (:

    • Now I feel stupid, your age is on your profile...such an idiot haha .

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    • And I'm proud of it! lol Go GEEKS jk jk!

    • Yes, geeks are awesome!

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  • 1-10 5. :)

  • 7 :)

  • I was about to say 7, but saying Capt. Awesome makes you sound like a geek, so 8. I could pretty easily see myself having a crush on you if you were in my circle of friends.

    • You do know where that's from right?

    • Nope :D

    • Well I can see how it can be Geeky but it's form the show Chuk on NBC..... Like you said I am a geek but hey what the hey!

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