What to wear to a homecoming?

So, I go to an inner city school with a bad reputation. (Not kidding, our nickname is Hoehouse)
So our homecoming is on Saturday, I decided I would go but I have no idea what to wear.
Are homecomings fancy events? Is it like a prom? Do I have to wear a dress or can I just wear a nice outift? Does a Mardi gras theme require/imply that I wear a mask? Do I need to have a date?

Important things before you give me advice:
+I go to an inner city school (read: I'm on a budget, and everyone in my school is extremely ghetto and ratchet)
+I'm not really down with the conventional
+theme is Mardi gras
+I'm not super girly
+I don't really do school functions (read: I go to three schools and this one is sooo ratchet and full of people that I don't like that I don't usually attend their events but it's my senior year and my friend really wants me to go)

Well, I think that's all. Drop some ideas please.


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  • Wear a long dress with stockings and nice shoes. You could go by yourself or with friends or with a date.


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  • Skinny jeans, a slightly fancy top, and shoes you can dance in. Homecoming at my friends school was super casual. Just wear a nice outfit. You could rock a Mardi Gras mask or just make your makeup a little more colorful then usual, like maybe try a bright colored eyeliner.


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  • wear whatever u like!