Girls, Does anybody else always have to wear a shell or a little something under jackets in the winter?

Many girls do not have to layer clothing with a jacket. They can actually wear a jacket by itself. Big busted women like me always have to wear a little something under the jacket. Does anybody else have to layer when you really don't want to?


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  • I'm not sure what you mean? Like you can't do up your jacket because you're too big busted? I always wear layers under my coat just to keep warm :)

    • Like a dress jacket. The jacket is fairly low cut and girls that are not as big busted can wear it by itself.

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    • a nice form fitting black one would be hot :)

    • Yes. Can't go wrong with black in the Winter.

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  • I wear a bra, an undershirt (if it's super cold), a shirt, and a jacket. I never wear a jacket by itself because I'll never know if it's a bit hot where I'm going. If I wear a pullover then I don't need an undershirt. I'd wear a polo so it can be extra cute!