People give me dirty looks! I just want to hide. Help!

I'm wondering what it is that I do wrong. I don't think I have a weird face or anything. Its a tad bit asymmetrical. Barley noticeable on most days, like most. In stores, markets, or just out, people will glance at me then turn their heads, then glance back. Its a rather puzzled look, sometimes even angry. Its like their trying to figure out what's wrong with my face. My mother even does it. I do dress fashionably. Clothing you'd see in vogue, and all the works. I must state also that its not in a sluty manner. Yesterday at the local gas station when I was in line another chick gave me a dirty look. Two older men just looked at me; When I hid my face and two guys where walking out the door they went out of their way to bend their neck and get a glance at my face. I don't get it, its not horrid nor deformed. I don't find it that pretty either. Is what I see in the mirror an illusion? I'm now finding more and more flaws every day. I feel so ugly. Some people call me really pretty, but I'm starting to believe its a lie. I keep getting all these looks, and I'm not giving attitude. Even with my mother, she will sit there and give the same look. Sometimes, she'll bend down to look if I'm peering down ward. I don't see anyone else going through this. I bet it happens though. I know looks aren't everything, but people doing it to this extent. When I'm with my friends people smile at them and just look at me, and their eyes keep glancing. Its not in my head my cousin noticed it. Ugh... What is it? Should I get cosmetic surgery even though I believe I'm a fine? What are the chances of them messing up? Should I ask people what I should get done? I'm tired of these glares, and people not wanting to be my friend. I could be wrong. I could be hideous.


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  • i don't think its the way you look but it might be ur body language or something, for example maybe they give you that weird look back because you gave them a weird look, so just relax and don't observe people so much, if ur cousin noticed it too, that means at least she/he doesn't give you a weird look

    don't worry:) and if ur so concerned then just ask ur mom or ur friends 'y do you keep looking at me like that is there something wrong with me?'