What do my looks tell you about me?

Wait !

Don't flame me yet ! I'm not putting this to seek attention or boost my self confidence.

What does a first look tell you about me ( I mean like age, type of guy, personality etc )

Thank you

It's amazing to see what your looks say about your personality


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  • they tell me you love ur self only messin . at least you look like man its a rare thing.

    • You mean like I care for my looks and just fooling around with the pics ? Of course I look like a man lol, that's what I am :) but I get the point ;)

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  • You do look kinda serious which I think it looks like you're a tough guy. May look like you like to work out even though I can't see you're body but I'm guessing it's in good shape ;) But honestly, I think you might be a sweet guy on the inside. From the look on your eyes, it looks like you are a very determined/ambitious guy. You look young and handsome :)

    • I am serious but not all the time, I work out at the gym an I like to go swimming a lot so I'm in shape. I like to go out and have fun anytime. I think I am a sweet guy on the inside (I heard it from other persons too) but I'm not kind if you betray me (like in Wake up call - Maroon 5 :))) ). I'm kinda determined in what I do too, I work as an IT tehnician and I won't stop until it works.... one way or another....

  • I don't know, you seem kinda serious, you also give the impression that you like sports haha, but then again the majority of guys do I guess. Age-wise you look like you're in your early 20s.

    • I don't do any sport, but I work out at my workplace ( we have a gym ) and I'm 22 so you're kinda right :)

  • Lets see. It looks like you can be a sweet guy and also it looks like you could be in the military . You could look like you can be an ass at time to time. I guess you can be a sweet caring, funny, entertaining guy. You probably don't give two sh*ts what people would think of you.. I don't know.

    • So far this is the answer that describes me the best!

      Apart from the military part, I work in the IT field

      I can be an ass from time to time because nobody is perfect ;)

  • well ur not smiling so kinnda boring, and you seem like you not a very interesting person.

    • Yeah... in that pic I'm not smiling at all, try checking the other pics from my profile and give me an update :) !

  • That you need proactive.

    • Lol, the pic is one week old, I got them fixed ;). Didn't need proactive

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