Please recommend me some nice hairstyles that will attract ladies?

Hi, I've posted on r/amiugly and r/rateme before and I was told numerous times that I could use a better hairstyle.

This is how I would normally look.

I'd like to keep my hair fairly short because it suits shorter men more (I'm only 5'7") and for the colour, I'd like to dye it to blonde like Steve McQueen
Please recommend me some nice hairstyles that will attract ladies?

Daniel Craig

So please give me some advice on what hairstyle that suits me better, would be perceived attractive in western countries and even better if it can me look taller! :)


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  • I don't know for me, that look's mature for your age. Go for faded hairstyle. It looks hot.

    • I just want to take the colour. I think my current hairstyle will remain.

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  • The blonde colour in those pictures could suit you.


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  • Um, I'm sorry to tell you this but when I'm attracted to a guy it's not his hairstyle but the overall person.. I guess you can up your chances by getting the hairstyle that actually suits you best though, so probably see your hairdresser about this.

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    • I make it very useless.

    • Lol fair enough then - just too bad I'm the only one who even bothered to answer your question so far 😢😅

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