Girls, Shall I get sculptured nails?

I am having problems growing my nails without them breaking. Any suggestions. Should I get sculptured nails?


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  • Have you tried getting a manicure. I dont think fake nails is the answer. That will help them grow but will not make them stronger
    . I am a nail biter and been getting fake nail since. I was 15 I got experince with this. Getting fake nails is the only thing , that stops me from biting. They grow fast but sometimes they grow into the fake nail. And when the fake nail comes off the natural nail rips. Sometime they leave dents into your real nails.. Etc It doesn't do much for your natural nails underneath. Fake nails are gorgeous but, It doesn't give real nails the nourishment they need.. You need to invest into some kind of nail strengthener. Sally Hansen makes the best ones. Also start taking nail vitamins. They will make your nails strong and long. If you really want to try fake nails. Id say start with a short fiberglass set, with gel polish.