I've caught looking at me.

So there is this guy in one of my classes that I've caught looking at me at least once, everyday for about 5 months now...yeah. Not only does he look at me but I have; I think his cousin, in my first period and every morning its like he's checking to see if I'm there. I've seen not the cousin but the guy looking me as me as I walk (not in that way), looking behind him to see if I'm there, and one day we had an assembly, I turned to look and bam! he was staring at me and didn't even look away. Its like he and his cousin know something about me I don't even know!? I watch him now too (though through peripheral vision). Usually I can get a person's whole personality from the first time I see em...but this one is a tough. This has been frustrating. Maybe I'm over analyzing this; whatever the case something's up...I can feel it.


p.s he's a cutie! (and I have a very picky taste)

wow I feel corny for posting this, for some reason I think that most people on here need reassurance (I'm not that type) gah this has just been bugging me! ya know? lol


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  • I think you should approach him. It sounds like he's interested in you but probably is too shy or doesn't know what to do. Even if you just ask him for a pencil, you'll break the ice. Don't be nervous about talking to him either because it sounds like he finds you attractive and is obviously nervous because of you so you have the upper hand in the situation.

    • There's the problem, there's no opportunity for interaction...if there was I would act on it. hah I guess it doesn't help that I'm kinda shy myself.(:


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