Girls, Which type of hair wigs are more versatile? (SEE PICS BELOW)?

Hey ,

I know this may sound like a stupid question.. BUT.. my hair is majorly damaged.. as in to the point of falling out. Anyways, I am thinking about purchasing a wig and most likely it might be synthetic.. I don't know

Wigs are normally in one kind of style but I was wondering : What style of wig should I buy ie. STRAIGHT, CURLY OR WAVY?

The reason I ask is because I wanna be able to change up the style often instead of it being totally boring so am just wondering which one would be more versatile?

Girls, Which type of hair wigs are more versatile??? (SEE PICS BELOW)??


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  • Get a quality straight wig. If it's real hair it will be more expensive but then you can style it just like you would your own. So if you want it wavy, bam it can be wavy. You want curly? Get some curls up in there, no problem lol
    I'm sorry your hair is falling out as well, I hope that gets better! Good luck

    • @RowanGunn thank you for your concern. We have a couple human hear wigs in my country but the price ranges are killers ranging from $300- $500. I dont have that kind of cash now but I am wondering if I couldnt buy a synthetic and have it look just as good and last long.

    • There are some synthetic wigs that can be styled with heat, I do not think they should look very different if at all :)

    • @RowanGunn thank u

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  • I say maybe curly would look the most natural. The straighter it is the easier it is to notice that it's fake.

    • @LittleSally I never though about that... uggh soo many opinions.. STRAIGHT OR CURLY... :) :) :o

  • If you can't afford human hair, still go with the highest quality possible. It will look the most natural and give you the most options. You get what you pay for.