Is it weird that I want to get tattoos now that I'm muscular?

I was relatively out of shape (skinny-fat) all through high school. Since then I've worked hard to get into better shape with weight lifting and martial arts. I've dropped about 35 pounds of fat and gained 40 pounds of muscle since I was a HS senior, so I weight almost the same amount but have a totally different body now. I'm much more body proud now and even enjoy showing it off.

I've never been into tattooing or piercing because I always associated that with "extreme" culture, which I don't fit into at all. The strange thing is, though, that ever since I got a six-pack I've developed a desire to get some tattooing. It's almost like I want to draw attention to myself, which I always looked down on before. Is it weird that I now want to get tatted even though I always thought of it as a douchey thing to do before?


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  • To get a tattoo you must have to always have wanted to have it. Tattoos are an art form and self expression.
    Well done on getting muscular but that doesn't associate with body mods at all. A body mod would be extreme like I don't know injecting silicon in your chest in the shape of an X or something.
    I think you want to get tattoos just for attention which is eh

    • No, I never wanted to get tatted before. I thought it was lame. I probably do want them just for attention, but then, what's wrong with that? People do most things to get the attention of someone.

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    • Yes, it is a driving force. Guys are driven to seek out girls and mate with them. I don't think girls realize just how strong a force it is for us, or how frustrating it is to be denied the opportunity to get with a girl.

    • Well then good luck in that xD