Ok so never had this happen can anyone make sense of it?

Ok so I went to great clips today to get my hair cut and normally I already have it in the computer what I like but the girl who cut my hair she was going you would look really sexy with a fade and kept comparing me to chris brown

Thanks for opinions


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  • I think she was trying to sell you a product.


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  • Man that girl was product pushing bruh aka trying to get a little more bread (money) out of ya via telling you that you'd look better with a ___ haircut on your head. Even tho she knew otherwise in her head. They used to try that with my mama back in the day when we were kids at the beauty salon thingy. But she never bought into the hype luckily treehouse.alphabity.com/.../lolligans.gif #TLDR don't waste your money...

    • Learn to cut your own hair... so ya won't have to waste your money anymore ^_^

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    • Not her man but other girls cause I have that inside prospective so now I know

    • Before I didn't know what white girls liked about mixed guys or if they even liked them at all

  • Her ass was after a tip.

    • Nah she seemed sincere cause she asked if every time I came in I got it all cut off and she gave me her honest opinion and how I have the hair for a fade haircut

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