What do guys think of emo girls?

Not goth or punk (the freaky ones with black lipstick etc etc) the ones who ware dark clothes but in a cute way who get depressed and sometimes cut but don't revolve their world around it


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  • Not attractive at all. No offense, but you must be in your early to mid-teens. Putting yourself into a clique is not cool, especially if you are talking about cutting. It is a serious mental condition, and not something to be done to look "scene." Someone who is cutting themselves needs to seek counseling immediately. Trust me, I had a friend who used to cut herself, and it's a terrifying thing. Being depressed in not a good thing either. Depression is another serious condition that can lead to worse outcomes. Sweetie, this is not something to play around with. If you are talking about yourself, I suggest that you see someone. And if you are planning on going down that route, I STRONGLY suggest that you do not.

  • OMG, what are you saying your emo? hmmmm?


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