Looking at my picture... What do you think of me? Good Looking or not?

Honest answers please... The reason why I ask my question, is because I'm always wondering what people think of me. Sometimes I feel like it might be bad, but that’s of course in my own mind. But having a place in which I could get my answers answered is a great feeling by any means.

Sometimes my problem I have is within the whole looks department. I have friends that aren’t the model type, but have very much of weight on them (myself included). So within that I feel like people judge too quickly upon what people look like. And it should be more of who the person is, but the problem I have, and many people have, is that looks are the first things we see, and of course the energy we feel.

Now, it might sound like I’m contradicting myself, but the point of my question will give me some insight of what people see first.


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  • why in God's good world would you ever put your cell phone number on a site like this?

    • Well... the reason is... Nothing is to hide. I try to be as honest as possible, and if anyone needs help, they know where to reach me.

    • Revised comment.....

      Well... the reason is... I want people to know that I’m there, even if I’m a million miles away. It’s about taking chances, and making mistakes. But the main reason I think I put my cell phone on here, is because I want people to know that I'm here for them. People on here seem to be real, and I’m not someone that’s going to be fake, and I feel that’s one way to show that :)

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  • The first thing I noticed was that you're wearing sun glasses and I can't see your eyes. One of the first things I notice about a guy are his eyes and teeth. I think you're handsome, dressed nicely and I really love the beach scene.

    • Thank you for your comment... It does make sense. It's about showing all of who you are.... But actually I don't wear sunglasses very much anyway, so in a sense I do show my eyes. And teeth are important as well. It’s apart of the hygiene. Looking at the person, and seeing if they actually care about themselves.

  • You look like a nice, easy going guy.

    • Thank you for you comment.... I try to be an easy going person. Now what do you see first in guys? The last person said she notice's eyes, and teeth... How about yourself?

    • Definitely their smile

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