I want to hook up with him but he is putting me off?

I really like this guy a lot. I am extremely attracted to him. We talk, flirt, talk dirty etc. He has seen pics of me and said I was "beautiful." I told him that I'd like to hook up with him. He says that he "doesn't want to disappoint me or not meet my expectations."

I don't understand. I am being honest and he isn't looking for a relationship. He has slept with a lot of women and even paid for sex too. Why is he putting me off?


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  • Maybe he doesn't see you as a "quick" lay because he likes and respects you. He might be trying to get to know you better and wants to take his time. I wouldn't necessarily be turned off by it. It sounds like he is being respectable and a gentleman. Don't rush it. He knows how you feel so when he is ready, he'll probably go for it.


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  • Maybe because you want it so badly, he is now afraid of not delivering what you are appearing to want. Maybe he thinks you want some hour-long pornographic session and he knows he doesn't last long.

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