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Guys, what do you think of a girl who has a lot of hair on her arms (of middle eastern descent). Is it a huge turn-off? Please be honest.


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  • I would say that this is something that were not accustomed to seeing.

    If it bothers you that much shave with a pair of trimmers at the lowest setting or try waxing.

    I shave my arms with the trimmers for two reasons I don't like the hair that I have on my arms & it also helps show my muscle(s) better.

    We all have our own things that we don't like about ourselves but in this case it's an easy fix.

    Ahhh vanity the price we pay.


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  • There is no reason for a girl not to shave, iv seen some hippie girls who have such a beutiful natural beauty but as soon as the lift up their arms its like "f**k off! that's wrong!", I don't care where your from but shave or wax please, I mean GUYs shave so why can't you

    • Waxing is expensive. I shave my legs.

      Sometimes I think there's no point to wax it all off. I'm not looking for a one night stand

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