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Okay.I'm a quiet girl... I like to read,I hang out with my friends and there is no specific look to them.I don't bother ANYONE...and I wear heavy eyeliner. I also wear hoodies pretty much everyday. Does that make me emo? I don't think so. But these people in a class of mine were making fun of me for no reason...because I wear heavy eyeliner. and I know my hair is terrible...but I can't get my bangs cut every 2 weeks. so they cover both my eyes,and look awkward when I push them to the side. I don't understand what I did to them.I'm nice.I have no expression on my face but what am I to do? smile all day? No one but my friends talk to me and I smile. but I'm not going to smile for no reason. and I wear hoodies all day because I'm freezing 24/7. honestly all kids in my school wear nicer clothes than me. they usually have something new by next week. I'm not a big I don't get new clothes often. I have the clothes I've worn since a year ago.I only have a few new shirts...but those were from September. I don't know why it my eyeliner?I only wear it heavy to disguise my eye bags..I don't sleep I look that terrible? ...please help...maybe suggest to me a couple things I can do so they would leave me alone,and so they will know I'm a normal girl who is just very quiet!


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  • why don't you try wearing less eyeliner?

    honestly thick/heavy eyeliner is sort of a turn off, and as you know most girls don't really pack it on.

    maybe pick a hairstyle you want and go get it cut (;

    there's no excuse for crappy hair in my opinion.

    and since your cold all the time, why don't you shop for clothes that are heavier?

    like longsleeves?

    or invest in different types of jackets to mix up your style? (;

    those little things will make a difference.

    the stupid kids probably make fun of you because your an easy target.

    hold your head on your shoulders girl! and add some confidence in those eyes! (;

    • Thanks.....I'm trying to get rid of my terrible eyebags....nothing seems to wrork...but I'm still trying.^-^ and I'm kind of....broke. but when I get the money and see something I like..I'd buy it. and I know...but I can't get my bangs cut...they're too short to do much with them...but hang in my eyes.but I'll try. Thanks for the advice.=)

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  • They have no reason to be saying anything about you or even judging you at all I'm a casual guy with shaggy hair who has the same style and people like to say things like that because they don't understand you, therefore they make assumptons and draw conclusions about who you are, I understand all of the reasons you provided and have to say don't care what they think any person judging you like that before they even know you doesn't deserve your attention, you don't have to change because they don't approve of you and your situation,

    • Thanks. It's just the laughter that p*sses me off.

  • You sound like a girl I know. She is always telling me how people would make fun of her for being "emo". I don't understand all these dumb people in high school. Don't let their comments get to you. Not all people are as immature as they are. You actually sound like someone who I would be attracted to.

    • Really? oh...I don't talk about my problems to anyone....except my one friend. and the internet occasionally. me neither...and yeah. thanks.And I know..there are plenty of mature people...just as many rude ones too I guess.

  • No that don't make you emo! (But it does make you sound pretty cute ;) Just ignore 'em. I don't just go around smiling all day either and I dress like an old man so I'm told. Build yourself a rep, get nasty if you have to. Just tell them to F off.

    That's one option.

    Here's one more.

    First catch a few winks of sleep and get rid of those bags so you can go easy on the liner. Then loose the hoodie and try something more feminine. Long sleeve shirts with a t-shirt underneath perhaps since you get cold. Or try a light jean jacket.

    Of course then you'd just be giving up and conforming to their ways which means they win.

    Your choice.

  • We need pic(s) to see if you look like a weirdo. Even if you do look like strange, they shouldn't be doing that anyway. They're just bad people..

    • I can't take camera or web cam. and yeah....but it bothers me.I don't want to be a weirdo...

    • Me either, but I am a weirdo that's also in high school. Lol

    • I'm strange...I'm eccentric. but I'm very quiet,and as long as no one bothers me...I'm fine. I know I shouldn't be bothered...since lots of people make fun of others...but's unsettling.

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  • they do that because they don't know you and don't have the time to get to know you. Ignore them and stick with your friend that do care about you. these people aren't worth your time so don't waist it worring about what they think. I had the same issues in school I have very very very curl hair and I was 20 before I learned how to deal with it. To put it short children are awful they made my life a living hell till I found a group of people that like and cared about me no matter what. then I leanered that the other people were a wait of time. they never mattered in the end.

    Why not try go easier on the eyeliner. Use a concealer on your eyes instead of so much eyeliner. Do worry so much about your cloths as long as they are clean and on 3 sizes too big they should be fine.I can't give you tips on your hair because I don't know what it looks like but I hope my tips work. Add me as a friend if you want to. I would be happy to talk to you more

  • High school is and always will be nothing more than a fashion show disguised as a learning establishment.

    You need not worry about what these people say to you. They're immature and ridiculous.

    You sound like a very smart girl and shouldn't take what they say to heart so much. The opinions of people of this caliber are asinine.

    I know it's hard to put up with the verbal abuse that you're being put through, but if you change yourself for them, they win.

    My suggestion is to just do what makes you comfortable. In time you'll find out more about the way you want to look and ways to go about attaining that look on a budget.

    Keep your head up, doll. I hope this helps.

    : }

    • Thankyou.=) and I know but isn't the whole point of school getting ready for college to get a good job? thank you it really did help alot.

  • I know what you mean about being the quiet one and having people make comments about you. I had that happen to me in high school. I hated it. But I learned something several years after I graduated. High school is only 4 years of your life and those people are immature and stupid. When you get into your 20's you're going to look back at this, and just think how stupid those people really were and that this life you have is much bigger and more spectacular than the fashion police in high school.

    Just go to school, do your work, cherish your friends and ignore the a**holes, because when you see them and 10 years, you'll be laughing at them.

  • You can be nice all you want in highschool. It will not get you respected. or make anyone treat you nicely. If your trying to hide dark circles under your eyes, dark eyeliner is just going to make you look like a vampire. Get some concealer for under eyes, and maybe add a bit of white eye shadow or white eyeliner on the corners of your eyes. You can still wear a thin line of black to make your eyes pop.

    high schools kids are rough, there's no real way to escape it sadly.

    • I put concealer underneath them....they're still pretty dark. and yeah...unfortunately. why aren't people nice?Even when people haven't done anything wrong to them?oh well. Thanks for the advice.=)