How to dress more attractive to others?

I am a indian girl


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  • Try to match the color and tone of the clothes with your best feature. Women w/ blue eyes always look great wearing Lapis Lazuli. Some giurls have it in their genes (jeans?). If a redhead iis lucky enough to have green eyes I will have wet dreams about her. If she is wearing emeralds or sequined green dress to offset her eyes, I won't wait until I'm dreamiing = I'll cream myself right there and then.

    When you refer to Indian , I assume you refer to the subcontinent of Asia not Aner-indian. Is that true. Both have tyoes if beauty that can really be accented. Dive me more info ^ I will answer more questions

    • You are correct about the lapis lazuli
      I wear that color and it makes my eyes and skin stand out!

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  • Everyone loves those henna designs painted on the hands your countrymen created:) I love the gold jewelry and how well you care for your long lovely hair♡


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