What kind of pants is Steve McQueen wearing in these pictures?

1. Is that a sport jacket?
What kind of pants is Steve McQueen wearing in these pictures?



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  • They vary. First are wool pants, the last may be a denim that yes has been ironed.

    First jacket looks like a sports jacket, fairly coarse weave wool.

    Second is a barbour jacket

    • So first and second are wool pants?

      Isn't the last white? I didn't know denim can be white

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    • Okay, first outfit is from Bullitt..
      He's wearing a rust brown tweed sportscoat that's a 3 roll 2. That means it has 3 buttons, but the lapel is draped in such a way that the top button cannot be buttoned (and like most coats, the lowest button could be, but isn't buttoned). In some pics you can see the top buttonhole is actually rolled into the lapel. Being a tweed coat, which is a more 'country' less polished coat, it has elbow patches.

      He's wearing a navy turtleneck underneath that.

      The shoes are brown suede chukkahs, UK made.

      The pants are actually charcoal.

    • This is the only answer you need ^

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  • They remind me of sort of a Dickie sort of Pant, Even back then. xx


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