Fashionable in spirit, but not in body?

I often find myself picking out dressy outfits for my cousins, and they get many compliments for it. I know just how to match up their clothes and their shoes, how they should wear something, how to do their makeup and hair to match the outift without under or over doing the affect, and I can always find ways to improve an already completed outfit. Yet I never use these tricks on myself. I wear jeans, a baggy t shirt, and my jacket with sneakers every day. I would like to dress myself like them, but I'm shy/self conscious so I never bother. Does anyone else have this issue, or am I just really weird?


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  • Totally a self confidence issue you have. U need to use these fashion talents on yourself! :-D


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  • I get where you're coming from...
    But I do this more because I don't have the money for the things I want. xD


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  • Sounds like a self confidence issue.

    Do they have similar body types to you?

    • Definitely not. I'm pretty big, and both cousins are tiny little things

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    • by the way, since you're clearly a bright girl, i'd highly recommend you read up on supplementation around thyroid. There's actually disagreement about what's appropriate, but works for you, works for you. The supplementation you'd be looking it is staggeringly cheap, so don't let that deter you.

    • Thanks for the advice, I'll ahve to try it

  • Yeah I definitely see where you are coming from.

    For example the boots in my profile picture I wish I could rock em but I doubt I could pull them off without looking like a complete tosser.
    I'll stick to plain black/brown boots haha.

    • I have the fashion ability of a 120 pound girl with a nice rack, but the body of an overweight teenage boy (even though I'm a girl!) So I stick to the men's section at walmart for my shirts and shoes, and girls aisles for jeans.

    • Yea quite unfortunate =/.

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  • you should dress pretty.
    life is too short not to.
    seriously. don't waste time.

    • I've tried it before, but I'm broke, so I can never afford very nice things. Then, when I do dress nice people make negative comments so I no longer feel the urge to look nice