What do you think about my idea?

I'm tired of my clothes. Some are old and some are sooo me, with this I mean that it's all the same.
I'm looking for something new, that is still me, but that looks kinda different on me, if that makes sense XD

I wanna buy very expensive clothes... I've gone to some stores with my friends when I'm broke as fuck and it sucks 😒 we just look and runaway haha

My idea is: I'll sell all my clothes and I'll change my style (with the "me" essence), with the money I'll get from selling those clothes, I'll buy expensive clothes (of course I'll have less clothes) and then I'll repeat the process once I'm tired of the new ones, I'll sell the new ones and I'll buy more... But I'll have the risk of having no clothes at the end of the next year 😂


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  • its a risk, but is do able, think you need to first choose a style you like and keep some clothes that you like so you dont have to go birthday suit at the end of next year


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  • You can have style and have clothes be inexpensive. You just have to know which are the right places to shop.

    Your plan doesn't sound logical.
    The only way you can safely pull that off is if you get a job.


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  • No one is gonna want to buy old clothes


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