Girls, What is the appeal with tights?

So, I'm posting this Anonymously simply because I'm quite uncomfortable speaking about this sort of thing in the open so forgive me.

Short story, today I bought myself a skirt and tights. [Yes I'm a guy, but want to be a girl don't all die at once]

So I put on the Tights, oh my God they are so cold. How on earth do you girls put up with them? What's the appeal?

As for more details if you wanted, I've been secretly wearing female clothing for about 9 months but have realised that my life would be happiest as a female for many years. I have never told anyone. So whoever reads this, you are the first. I refuse to look into gender things, simply because I believe that it's fruitless in comparison to being a biological female.

Sidenote: Skirts are so awesome and freeing, also I now see why it's so important to girls to shave. All of my hairs stick through the tights xD


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  • I personally prefer leggings to tights because they're a bit warmer. But I guess it also depends on the outfit and which would look better between tights and leggings. So you just have to experiment!

    On a side note, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing as long as it makes you happy. Are you planning on becoming a female?

    • I can see why they would be, its quite cold where I am in general. No, i'm not planning too. As much as i'd like to, I dont feel comfortable enough knowing that no matter what, i'd only be half of a female. Until such a time when/if a proper full Gender Switch is open to me then no.

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    • So far it has! His family wasn't completely accepting of it so he's with mine now and living with my dad. He just recently got a girlfriend too who knows of his situation and loved him regardless :)

    • Im truly happy for him :D So, I just shaved my legs because why not. These tights now feel so much nicer, and on the plus note they seem a lot warmer now. Im not sure how it works but yea. Less hair makes the warmer for me.

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  • I hate tights, and I virtually never wear them. I only wear the clear kind of ones if I think they'll help stop my heels from rubbing, or the black ones if my outfit looks like it needs something. But other than that, I avoid them at all costs

  • I personally never wear tights as pants. I only wear them with skirts/dresses or under jeans when it's really cold outside.