How do you get a curvier body?

Okay, I'm naturally petite, so I have a small frame. I'm 5'3 and 120 lbs. However, I wanna get a curvier figure. Is there anything I can do so I get a bit more meat onto me? I wanna get curvier.


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  • do a lot of hip rotation exercises, sit ups, bicycle sit ups, running helps, anything that basically helps move or rotate your waist area-I do a lot of those in the gym. it really does help with giving more curves.


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  • Petite > curvy

    • Haha, you really thing? well I've always liked being petite, but sometimes I wish I had more on me.

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    • Yeah, I'm pretty short. And people have told me I have that innocent look going on, but that I'm actually feisty, haha.

    • That's actually pretty ideal. I wouldn't change it.

  • fill your tummy with yummy stuff...

    not sweets crap, but things like olive oil, nuts, milk, eggs, tuna, salmon, and a certain type of exercise called "Resistance training".

    read this for more details:


    and stop running too fast! sleep more!

    • I'm pretty sure she's not looking to just generically gain weight. She is at a fine weight already. She just wants to become curvier.

      I am sorry, Anonymous User. I wish I could help, but I have basically no knowledge about this sort of thing, because I have never needed any help gaining curvature. Good luck, though.

    • Ok smarty, now getting curvier is different from gaining weight?

  • You don't need physical change.. change your mind lol.

    Weight Gain


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  • Embrace your shape and just be happy with your body! Loads of girls would kill for a body like yours I imagine so be proud and don't change it (:

  • You can workout by lifting weights and cardio exercises that will tone ur body and give you some thickness although you won't have results right away. You can also look for clothes to accentuate ur body and show curves that you may not have noticed you had. Pieces such as belts and cinches are gr8 for makin you look curvy