Does it matter about the looks on a person or does it matter about the personality?

Because recently a boy asked me if looks matter and I said looks sometimes and personality that right


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  • For me.. it's a little more on looks than personality.. although people will have different opinions and such.. typically guys even if they don't admit it.. are more looks than personality.. and girls are typically more personality than looks..

    But If I am attracted.. then your good.. it's not necessarily if your ugly or pretty.. it seems that I can like a not to pretty girl as long as she's not weighty.. I know this sounds mean or shallow.. but it's the way I am..

    Personality matters tho.. if I'm attracted.. your in.. and I'll try to learn about you.. but if you can't be a perv, or highly religious.. or something like that.. then it's probably not going to work..


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  • Well, I would be lying if I told you that looks don't matter and to some people looks doesn't matter... but even to those that say that looks don't matter... they still want to be with someone with good hygiene and someone who takes care of himself..

    But, most people want to be with someone who looks just as good as themself or better... And of course that is reasonable... Personality however is always more important...

  • It's different for guys than girls. For guys I feel like the general consensus is that first there's looks, then there's personality. For us ladies, looks are still important but personality may be just as important and in a lot of cases, even more important. Recently on the radio the DJ's were talking about this. The male DJ rated his female colleague at a 7/10 and said it was based on looks. She rated him an 8/10 and said if it were just looks he'd be a 7, but his personality bumped him up to an 8.

    Don't get me wrong. It's important to feel attracted to someone if you're planning to date him/her. But for guys it tends to be physical attractiveness and if there is a winning personality along with it then that's a bonus! Ladies, however, could very easily reject a man if he was an arrogant jack-a** even if he was the best looking guy she'd ever seen.

    But in both cases, yes, looks can matter. It's just different between men and women

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