Long haired ladies, why won't my fkn fringe grow?

I've been growing out my hair for like 2 years now from a #4 buzzcut, and although the length of the hair on my nape falls to about 3" above my nipples, my fringe hasn't seemed to have grown since the 1 year mark! It makes it look like my hair is layered and I don't want that.. why is my fringe lagging so far behind? Is it just because of the location of the hair? I don't get it.

I want my hair to eventually look like this, but at the rate my fringe is lagging I'm about ready to just snip my hair and be done with it.

Long haired ladies, why won't my fkn fringe grow?

I guess I should have given my hair care routine.

I don't use any commercial products; I make my own aloe vera shampoo and use diluted ACV as my 'conditioner'. I also do an olive oil deep condition once a week and only shower twice a week. I typically add argan oil to my hair at night every couple of days, and I don't brush my hair at all since I have moderately curly hair and brushing fucks my hair up bad.


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  • As a dude with long hair, this is what works for me:

    1. Wash your hair as little as possible, and use gentle shampoo (sulfate free is best). Washing your hair a lot will damage it faster, and the sulfates don't help with that. Damaged hair looks unhealthy, and it needs trimmed more often. I wash my hair every 4-5 days.

    2. get it trimmed every 8 weeks or so. You don't need to get more than a half an inch cut. It will keep it looking nice and prevent it from becoming more damaged.

    3. don't use plastic to brush it. I use some kind of natural bristle, but wood combs work too. Don't brush it when it's wet if you can help it.

    Also, if you have to blow it dry, use the lowest heat setting. Heat will kill your hair.


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  • Do you straighten your fringe?

    • No I don't; I don't apply heat to my hair.

  • I would use a wide tooth comb in the shower after you condition your hair. This will distribute it. Then once you are out, brush your hair when it's towel dry (not when it's wet). Using that comb will stop your from getting breakage (split ends).

    Regular trims will actually make your hair stronger and grow better. Don't over brush your hair, but when you are brushing it remember to work your way up (so start from the bottom) if your hair is damp. I heard that if you always start from the scalp, you are bringing tangles/knots down, which can cause damage and breaks.


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