Am I a hipster?

I just found out what a hipster is because i dont even live in a hipster city i live in a medium souther town. I have had conversations with my brother were i said im interested in nature and natural medicine. I dont really like consumerism or trying to always put on an image. I told him I like simplicity and freedom. I also tried a natural shampoo from the store once. For some reason my brother thinks im a hipster or something. When until a couple a minutes ago i had no idea what that was. He keeps getting angry saying that i dont shower and im not doing what society wants and i have absolutely no idea what he's talking about am i a hipster? I feel people always try to people a label on me that isn't true without getting to know me. When i try to know someone i just try to see them as what they are and get everything else out of the way just me and the person i want to get to know. It kind of hurts me my brother is trying to put a label on me too. I think we are all a little more dynamic than one label. Im into a lot of different things and i never listen to indie or folk.

it kind of hurts i tell him what i think and he gets mad and definsive and puts a label on me


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  • do you look like these guys?

    if so... sorry, you're a hipster. hope you can find a cure.

    • no not really maybe the shirt but no beard or glasses or boots or tight jeans

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    • you might be safe, QA

      @toad-1 ahhhhhhh! you hipster! lmao

    • Well Dr. Khaira. You might have to diagnose me as a hipster. According to your chart I have a few symptoms of hipsteritous. Beard-check, black plastic glasses-check, flannel-check, tight fitting boot cut jeans-check. boots-check. I think I might be a goner.

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  • You sound like one of those eco-friendly lifestyle people...
    Modern day hippies maybe...
    Not sure though.

    Labels mean nothing.

  • Do you have a beard and wear a fedora?


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