All the girls I'm attracted to now are immature.

I want an attractive, down to earth girl that I can be with. I'm tired of the immature, needy, and gold diggers out there. I maybe asking too much out of a girl that could be around my age, but I will wait until I find a girl. Am I asking too much from a girl at the age of 18? All the girls I'm attracted to now are immature so really in turn makes me lose attracting for them.


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  • i think that this is kind o f funny, well because I am at the same point with boys.

    all of the boys that I meet around my age are sooo immature and just do stupid things for other people. I never really thought about it from a guys perspective, but there are lot of mature girls out there, you just have to keep meeting people I guess. although I do feel like a hypocrit tell you to stay positive because I am so frustrated with guys my age. buttt just keep looking lol


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  • Well theirs someone special in this world for each one of us so just keep looking and she will arrive in your life or she will be in your life and not even know it. Best of luck

  • Dude, you’re 18. If you want more mature, start looking for girls in their 20’s.

    • Well sh*t I thought about doing that but not to many girls are found of dating younger guys. At least not any of the older girls I met. plus I dot think yall would be happy dating someone that just entered college as you are getting prepared to leave.

    • Yea, I hear ya man. The girls "our age" are still in high school drama/ immature stage and the older girls typically don't date younger guys. While I am in my second year of college and not "just entering" it still kinda sucks. It's like you're too old for half the girls out there and too young for the other half lol. It's a bummer.

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  • Yes, you are asking WAAAAAYYY too much of any 18 year old girl.

    You want to know why girls in your age range are immature?

    Because they are SUPPOSE to be!

    They don't have any life experience to draw from to be reserved, well-rounded, and sound in mind and body, like you are asking for.

    If that's what you want right now, then you need to talk to girls that are older. At least ten years older.

    Let girls be girls, they'll figure it out eventually.

    • Yea I don't know. I believe that maturity can also come from the inside too. I've met a lot of mature girls at the age of 18, its just their lacking a physiscal attraction from me.

    • Well, I do know, and I venture to guess that's why you asked.

      Even "mature" 18 year olds are way off from being mature dude.

      There's A LOT of growing between 18 and 24, and then some more from 25 to where I am, at 28. I can only imagine the lessons I'll learn in the next eight months as my (dare I say it) 29th birthday approaches.

      Stay calm, and realize that what you are looking for is a developed (not physically, mentally)woman. It's a hard thing to find at any age.

  • You're encountering gold diggers at 18 years old? Did you inherit a ton of money or something?

    • Its a long story but yes, not to be ignorant or bragging, I am quite well off as an 18 year old.

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    • You're claiming that you're making enough money at a part time internship to pay for school AND have gold diggers on your jock? Civil servants don't make sh*t for money, much less part time interns training to become civil servants. Your yearly income is probably like 20K before taxes.

    • Na, I work full time and they are paying for my education. I'm debt free with the exception for my car which I could have paid for easily while working part time at the petstore. I don't have any student loans since they said whatver my scholarships don't cover, they will pay for the rest.

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